CaP3D Store v. 3 Annual License

CaP3D Store v. 3 Annual License




The Cap3D version 3 license provides for the rental of the software on an annual basis. The use of the program in the years following the first is subject to the payment of an annual fee, as defined in the purchase contract.


In case of non-payment of the annual usage fee, all types of CaP3D software services will be suspended.


The single license agreement for the CAP3D software is a legally valid contract between you (both as an individual and as a representative of a company) and Gruppo 36 (the company creating and distributing the software) for the CAP3D product, intended as software , multimedia supports, attached paper material and electronic documentation (hereinafter we will call this set of elements the SOFTWARE PACKAGE). By installing, copying or simply using the CAP3D software, you accept the terms of this agreement. If you disagree with the terms of this agreement, you must not INSTALL the SOFTWARE PACKAGE or USE IT in any way; in this case simply return the SOFTWARE PACKAGE within 7 days of receipt to obtain a full refund. The software is owned by Gruppo 36 and is protected by the copyright laws of the Italian State, by the provisions of international treaties and by all applicable laws. Accordingly, you are responsible for treating the software like any other copyrighted material.


Minimum installation requirements:


1. Microsoft Windows XP Professional


2. USB port (USB 2 suggested)


3. 60 MB available hard disk space

License guarantees

1. Each license of the SOFTWARE PACKAGE cannot be shared or used simultaneously by multiple computers. The SOFTWARE PACKAGE may not be rented, leased or used for commercial purposes. 2. Gruppo 36 will provide you with the products and support services necessary for the correct functioning of the SOFTWARE PACKAGE. Any additional product to the SOFTWARE PACKAGE provided as a support service must be considered an integral part of the SOFTWARE PACKAGE and therefore subject to the same terms of the contract. With regards to the technical information you provide to us as part of the support services, Gruppo 36 reserves the right to use this information for its own purposes, including updates or further development of the software.

3. Gruppo 36 may terminate this license agreement if its clauses are not respected. In this case, the purchaser undertakes to immediately cease use of the SOFTWARE PACKAGE and may not retain any copy thereof, whether integrated, partial, or modified.


It is possible that Gruppo 36 introduces new versions or updates of the program, which in any case will be protected by the terms of the user license reported here. The update of a single-licensed product is an integral part of that license, and cannot therefore be transferred to other computers. The CAP3D software is a SIAE registered product and therefore protected by copyright laws. You may make one copy of the SOFTWARE PACKAGE for back-up and archival purposes, but you may not duplicate the hard copy material supporting the program. Nor may you remove, modify or alter any copyright or trademark from any part of the SOFTWARE PACKAGE, including any notices contained in the printed or electronic media, in the tutorial, in the packaging, or in any document created by the software. It is possible to receive the SOFTWARE PACKAGE or updates via different multimedia supports (USB stick, files, etc.). It is not permitted to transfer the SOFTWARE PACKAGE to other media, nor to sell or license them. The purchaser is responsible for choosing this program to achieve the desired results as well as for its installation, use and performance. Gruppo 36 assumes no direct or indirect responsibility for any consequences due to system errors or its incorrect use.

Limited Media Warranty

Gruppo 36 guarantees that the USB stick on which the software is recorded is free of defects and ensures that it can be used for a purpose suited to the type of support; It is specified that the correct functioning of each USB support is tested before shipping. Gruppo 36 does not accept returns/replacements of goods beyond 7 days from the date of receipt of the software package. No refunds will be made after this period. The refund will be made net of shipping costs and administrative costs (equal to 50 euros) and upon receipt of the original support (in case of malfunction/damage) and upon payment of an amount equal to 150 euros. It is specified that the shipping costs shipping for the return of the USB support (due to malfunction, damage or refund request) is the responsibility of the Customer. Please note that the amounts indicated may be subject to change and are indicated net of VAT.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Gruppo 36, nor its developers, employees, distributors or resellers shall be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss or loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information or other economic losses) arising from the use or inability to use the product, even if Gruppo 36 has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In any case, Gruppo 36's liability under the following agreement will be limited to an amount corresponding to the price actually paid for the product. All expenses incurred by Gruppo 36 will be counted towards the amount corresponding to the liability limit indicated above.


The annual license is mandatory. Standard system updates and email technical support are included. The goods are delivered ex works and shipped on behalf of the customer at his care and expense according to the methods chosen by him. Gruppo 36 is therefore responsible only until the goods are delivered to the carrier and is therefore not responsible in the event of loss or damage during transport. In the event of theft or loss of the USB stick, Gruppo 36 is under no circumstances required to provide a replacement USB stick. The supply of a second USB key is therefore to all intents and purposes considered an additional license and is quoted as such. Gruppo 36 reserves the right to change its assistance policies and price list without prior notice.

Customer Service Terms and Conditions

Gruppo 36 undertakes to provide a technical assistance service via email for reports on problems related to the correct functioning of CaP3D from Monday to Friday during office hours, excluding holidays.

The assistance service on issues relating to the functioning of CaP3D takes care of the request within 8 working hours of the report. The intervention and resolution times, however, may vary based on the problem that occurred and the time needed to identify it.


Response times are guaranteed from the moment all the information useful for identifying the problem has been provided.